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tv   [untitled]    July 12, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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executive director of curriculum. one of the things -- three years ago, we develop to the independence that the plan for the supervision of students that were in jrotc and that was worked on by the physical education group and the instruction. last year, and not to this past academic year, but the one before, we did some intensive professional development throughout the year. for jrotc and folks that were supervising the independent study program to help them with the implementation. that was the year before last. those are the specific kinds of activities that are out line. i do not have the independent plan on me right now. but that is the work that is
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being done out of curriculum. commissioner mendoza: do you feel like what the instructors would be signing off on is the curriculum that has been developed for pe approval? >> if the same plan was developed three years ago, that is the same study plan we are currently using. commissioner mendoza: is that something an instructor can oversee at two sites? >> we have had various models and we have had one instructor at one site. i have not seen it happen at two before. i will tell you that sometimes there have been a large number of students that were in the study. it is labor-intensive paper work. i will say that. that is one of the comments we have received from the
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credentialed teachers. commissioner mendoza: the curriculum that was built that our students take, you feel they are getting sufficient instruction based on that? >> that is a judgment call i would not want to make right now, honestly. it is the plan that the accord that line. commissioner mendoza: what are my other questions? this is the opportunity to ask some of these challenging questions, and this is the gift that keeps on giving and it is
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one that many as a lot -- many of us have been comfortable with. i have always supported jrotc. my dad is a 28 year veteran. what i do not support and what i am having a challenging time as that we have made four changes in 2.5 years with extensions to me tet the challenges that were not met by our instructors. because of that, it puts us in these awkward positions where we are renewing because those things have not been met or we are trying to re-tool it so we can have two at sites overseen by one now. i find this to be ironic for such a responsible program to be irresponsible around satisfying
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recommendations that we put forward. here we are, this is our fourth changed to this into a half years. when i am listening to the instructor talk about what he has to go through in order to get to his credentials, we have expectations of our teachers. all of the work they go through in order to teach our students. i appreciate -- in order to do that you have to be a teacher who is trained to do that. i am not very sympathetic are around that. i think the last thing i will say about this, that drives me nuts, when we're talking about charter schools, this is the political hot potato in my mind.
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the idea i got skating e-mails to my colleagues at city hall asking them to put pressure on me, because i refused to be the fifth vote to have this discussion, was insulting, at the least. to say we do not need her vote on the resolution because we have are four votes but i needed on the fifth to have this discussion, is disgusting to me. i had to ask that person to back off and stop putting political pressure on my colleagues in order to make me vote to have this discussion. i am voting to have this discussion. i voted to have this discussion for these various reasons because a lot of this was not clear. we do not have enough details on how we are going to implement this. how we are going to monitor how
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this one a supervisor is going to oversee two sites. we do not have enough information on how this will impact our pe teachers. yet we are going to extend it for another year and provide one supervisor for two sites. and that is ok. i've voted because i wanted to have this opportunity to not support this change but to voice my challenge with this. the thing i find most amusing is in the beginning the first two years i was heavily informed. i got a lot of information because i am a supporter of jrotc. in these last changes, i have nothing because there is a question about whether or not i will be supportive. that is not how we make policy.
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thank you. [applause] >> thank you, commissioner mendoza, for your comments. i think we have all felt the frustration but i want to point out that one of the main reasons we have done this is that both of the things we are talking about, the independent study option and the credential in requirement we have put on rotc instructors were added to the board to something we were doing at the last moment. i am sympathetic to the fact that, you know, and implementing those things did not work out as
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easily as we would have hoped. i understand it is frustrating. we all share that frustration. but i think that in this politicized issue environment, that because we are trying to find our way through this and because the board has done a lot of these things, and they have not been recommendations from anybody. let's fix it and see if we can do that. it is required changes. i know that is difficult for everybody. i think everybody has operated as honestly as they can in this. again, i wanted to appreciate we keep trying to make it workable because after iraq, a program that we support only nominally but cannot work with the difficult complexities we have imposed on it with the best intentions, that is why it is necessary to do this. i am sorry it is difficult for
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everybody. but i appreciate that we are doing this. >> that is a spirited discussion. so, i really actually have a lot to say about this, another amendment to the original resolution in 2009. all of you get comfortable in your chairs. i appreciate the pe instructors who came out and stayed for so long listening through our budget woes. anybody who heard us discuss this budget, make no mistake, this is about priorities. this is about graduating students. everyone on this board folded -- everyone on this board voted for it. we have a commitment to our students to graduate every single one of them.
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meaning they are eligible to be qualified for college. it means they will not have to take four years of remedial english and math at city college. it means that they can hand in an application like everybody else that we have been graduating and be eligible for a uc or private college institution. this is what this budget is about today that we voted on. i think everyone here, you heard a lot of talk about equity. let's talk about what this is really about. this resolution, commissioned hr mendoza brings up a good point, we do not set a good policy, a sound policy, for individuals. because they did not comply with
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the requirements that this board set forward, we are again modifying it. we have modified it because these individuals did not comply with the requirements set forward by this board. now, not only did they not complete the requirement, not a single one in ruled. to blame our human-resources is wrong because actually they brought it to them three times and had discussions with them. they had every opportunity to enroll and they did not. here we are again extending it another year, asking for more provisions and fundamentally, i think people know where i am at. jrotc is jrotc. pe is pe. pe is mandated for a very good reason.
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some of a struggle with being overweight. others struggle with being obese. but every one of our students will struggle to stay healthy if they do not have instruction on how to keep themselves healthy. it is not just about having a nutrition policy, cupcake sales, or bagels in the schools, anything like that. the other part of it, and we all know this, the other part of it is you have to exercise. you have to know how to exercise well. the pe, when i was going to school, it has changed. the sport passed a plan that acknowledges that physical activity, according to the ability and interest, a lifetime of good, physical health. i do not think -- we have heard
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from shape up, from pediatricians, from national organizations, we heard from michelle obama. this is a very important issue for our use. if we are going to prepare everyone for the 21st century, we have to prepare them to live in the 21st century. i do not mean high blood pressure. i do not mean diabetes. i mean that live a full and healthy life. this is what they can do. jrotc is one issue, pe is another. but this resolution is offensive. for one thing, the jrotc requires that every betty -- everybody have two instructors. the last amendment said it would
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have to come from private funding. we sat at this very podium and everybody said, we had commissioners' backing they could fund raise this money. but here we are again, another broken promise. i did not get my credentials. i could not raise the money. now they are asking for this to be paid out of our precious funds. i think you all heard here, 20% of our graduating class is on track not to graduate. 20% is not on track to graduate. that is serious business. they're talking about hundreds and hundreds of students. are we going to find a class that is not a graduation requirements?
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this is the leadership class. this is not an academic class. it is evident when the gentleman got up here tonight and said what he had to study to become a jrotc instructor. he had to study how to teach english. a-g means our kids did four years of english. we teach health. really? we have a mandated health requirement. we teach constitution. we have an american democracy class and the u.s. history class that all of our students must pass. those are all graduation requirements. it is a repeat of what students are already getting. let's say that if we are going to find out of our funds, our precious dollars that students need another english class, we
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are going to use these precious funds to fund another teacher for a class that is not a through g? this is the difference. one year of english, and they need to take another english class in their schedule somewhere. if schools choose to fund this and this time, it means they are choosing not to fund the extra english class. we had schools i came up last year and said to us, we have to cut our third year language. they are still finding the jrotc program. they have a choice here. they have a choice to graduate children or they have a choice to turn their backs on them. i cannot emphasize how important tonight this a vote is because this is saying we
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believe in children graduating. we believe in giving them hope and we believe in those students who need a second chance to make up a class that we will provide that opportunity. another thing that this resolution says, it says that one instructor may supervise two schools. i cannot believe you are willing to throw your fellow pe teachers under the bus like that. that is crazy town. one pe teacher can supervise two school sites. since when do we even have that? do we have a math instructor supervising two schools? that is ridiculous. to think that would not impact your fellow teachers, that is just all a lie. it will tell you that if one
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school, one instructor that is partially paid for by the district can supervise two schools without a cap, it could be 100 students. it could be 500 students. that means that not taking the state mandated class. this is such an example about the job qishm becoming politicized -- education becoming politicized. now, you know what, i know i have lost a couple of votes. i lost all of them. i firmly believe that pe is a really important thing. it keeps us healthy.
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talk about prevention. this is prevention. it is a state-mandated requirement. i, too, have been threatened. it illustrates how far this subject will go and this issue will go that people will call you in your home all your having chant -- dinner and threaten you. that is incredible. and yet we have this resolution here today that gives them more. gives them our funds. let them supervise two schools with one instructor. because they did not comply with our requirement that its board set forward, and they are in violation of their own rules that every instructor must abide by the governing body of the school district in which they were, that we will extend them another year.
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if you can do this in good conscience, i am sorely disappointed in you. but i think this resolution goes too far and i am glad that our teachers came today because i have spoken to some of them and i said we might lose this vote but you have to speak up for your profession, your credential in, and also fourth escalation -- also for pe. it is making a mockery of how important physical fitness is. we require every one of our teachers to have a four year degree. that is what we require of all of our their teachers. and they are taught to teach the standards. i -- i know people have heard this from me before and i think they are irritated to hear it again but i think that they need
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to. jrotc is jrotc. pe is pe. i'm going to say it one more time. some of a struggle with being overweight. guilty. some of the struggle with obesity. i do not want our students to struggle with that as adults. when they leave our schools, i want them to know how to be physically fit. i want them to have instruction that teaches them how to be. thank you for being here for this late night. and for standing up for your profession and also to my colleagues on the board, i think if you are considering passing something like this, then you also need to make some amendments about the number of students this one instructor can supervise because you are taking
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jobs away from people who have worked for us for many years. we have laid off five pe teachers. if this is put forward, they will lose many more. i want to say to you, commissioner mendoza, thank you for speaking the truth about this. we all know the impact this has. this amendment to this resolution, it is taking jobs away from our credentialed teachers. it is taking the opportunity for students to have a standard is structured curriculum to them. they have every right to have this. this is not an argument about jrotc or pe.
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they are separate issues. i asked my board to reconsider this. i notice political. do what is right for kids. do it now. we talked about equity. this is where the rubber meets the road. commissioner maufas: i will be brief. i have a question, you had mentioned in your comments that you had noted, besides one of the two issues, that the class sizes were large. did you have a number or a close figure? >> i can only give an estimate. i can run the numbers. this year we established a
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separate course #4 pe -- number for pe. in one case, i know there was a particular teacher, there was around a hundred students that teacher was supervising. for pe independent study. commissioner maufas: thank you. that is also what is part of this amendment. i will tell the authors, i get to that we have the requested action, which puts in bullet points what we are doing. but even trying to find it in the resolution, i am here next
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to the parliamentarian and she is still looking. this is problematic. i'm just telling the authors. if you have to clarify this year, i do not mind the background. everybody needs it. but if i cannot match what you are saying in these bullet points, with the resolution, it does not match up for me. it is very convoluted. there are deletions and the information that is supposed to be supplemented, i am really struggling. i am telling you. that is one layer of the issue. if you have not noticed, i believe that at every board meeting this year we have had somebody come to west and speak about physical education. whether it was members of the
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shape of community, some working with them, in nonprofit partner, one or two been representatives from our own apartment. every school board meeting, somebody has spoken about physical education. every meeting consistently. i have heard that message. i have heard it at every meeting that somebody is coming and speaking about physical education. tonight, who mentioned michelle obama? it was michelle parker. but she came and spoke on physical education and she is our pta president. her voice carries quite a bit of weight in california because she often goes to sacramento.
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tuesday that she has partnered up with shape up san francisco and is supporting physical education, it is not a joke. nobody is making it up. it is a mandate and we need to have it. i have a real respect pe -- highly respect pe teachers. a former student came up to him and said i need to start exercising again. i need to get into the shape i was in when i was with you. i am trying to do other things. i am trying to join a football league. i need to get back into shape. he was telling me, even our kids come up to us after they have graduated talking to us when they were in shape. it makes a difference in their lives. they think about it all the time. the point is, to think we cannot
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have it or we are glazing over it with independent study, i am so grateful you are working on occurred and chilling. every class she taken move toward that, you are doing what we expect everyone else. i am grateful you are there and get the importance of it. other folks have had to do it and i do not hear them complaining. nobody has ever said i had to go through this in this. they just did it. then applied for the job. i expect you all to do it as credentialed teachers. i have talked about that over and over again. it is not news to you. the trouble with these numbers,
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and not to believe that a school, pleae, -- please, will not take the opportunity to do it. choose independence that the instruction, which takes in a huge number of students. at two sites? i would do it. if it meant i could be using that money for something else that i was getting pressure from the state or the district, my school had to do this and really cut where they thought something was not important, i can see a school doing this. i do not believe that we cannot. we can because that is the reality of the day that they will choose this option. especially if the fund-raiser